Can You Still Ooze Sexiness Age 60+?

The question of whether a woman can still look sexy and alluring age 60 or over came to mind after I saw this new Air New Zealand flight safety video, in conjunction with Sports Illustrated; where 70s mega model Christie Brinkley (and former Sports Illustrated cover girl) had a cameo role.

Granted the young things looked super hot and many were probably not even born when Christie was at her peak, but Christie held her own and still looked every bit the glamorous swimsuit model. (She appears at 1:30 in the video below)

(The Cook Island boys did not look too bad either!)

Christie Brinkley Swimsuit Model Age 60

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Here she reveals her beauty secrets to People magazine:

1. Exfoliate Daily: “I’ve done it since I read that guys look five years younger because they shave,” she told the mag — and her skin always looks amazing!

2. Embrace Getting Older: “Eyebrows can thin as we age. I use pencil and powder,” she said about her makeup routine. “We’ve used [hair extensions] in the fashion industry for years. They’re good if your hair is getting thinner or you just want to feel luxurious. I only have a few gray hairs where I part my hair… I’m going to switch my part to the other side!”

2. Make Working Out Fun: “I’ll run or do weights, and I do at least 10 minutes a day on my Total Gym machine,” she said. However, it’s important to have fun and mix it up! “I got hooked on SoulCycle this summer and during my Christmas vacation, I did yoga. I credit doing Chicago on Broadway for my legs [but] I do leg lifts while brushing my teeth!”

3. Three Meals A Day: “I like to start my day with coffee and coconut milk hazelnut creamer,” she explained. “Then I have sheep’s milk yogurt with fruit, wheat germ and Anutra (– a supplement full of omega 3 antioxidants and fiber). Lunch is usually leftovers from dinner: beans, veggies.”

4. Snack Healthy!: “My snack is melon and walnuts, and I recently discovered PurePrana (an energy-boosting drink). If I’m craving something sweet, I’ll drink cold coconut water. That quenches it for me,” she revealed.

Christie has always been a big advocate of consistently eating right and exercising, nothing special or ‘miraculous’, and here is the proof. Below is a video of when she did the People magazine shoot with her two daughters (from different fathers).


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Marie Helvin and Jerry Hall

On 02 February 2014, the UK Sunday Times newspaper ran a spread in their Style magazine of Marie Helvin (62) and Jerry Hall (57) – two super models in the 70s and 80s who were the muse of the celebrity photographer David Bailey. (Marie Helvin was married to Bailey from 1975 – 1985).

Although not as close as they used to be, Marie has no children and Jerry has four; they still manage to capture the former magic under Bailey’s watchful eye and lens.



Jerry Hall: My Life in Pictures.

By age 21, the 1.83m Jerry Hall had already graced the cover of 40 magazines and went on to grace many more, but she is probably most well known for her liaison (or ‘marriage’) with the crinkly Rolling Stone rocker Mick Jagger.

Here Jerry gives a bit of fashion advice to the older woman:



Eurasian Marie Helvin (her father was an American GI of Dutch and French decent and her mother a Japanese interpreter), was spotted and signed up at age 15 with the Japanese cosmetic brand Kanebo. And it is these Asian genes that has her looking a good 15 years younger than she is, as she explained to the UK Independent newspaper:

“I’m a freak of nature,” she says cheerily. “I know I don’t look my age but it’s not something I aspire to. Sure, I want to look good – it’s my job to look good – but I don’t necessarily want to look younger. Everybody knows how old I am. If I was going to start lying about my age I shoulda done that 20 years ago. Of course I look after myself – I diet now, which I never used to and I go to the gym – but not more than anyone else. My mom, who is 72 and looks about 50, warned me that women with our Mongolian blood stay beautiful-looking longer than most, and then, overnight, they look 2,000 years old.”

Looking at her in her hey day, you can see why she was so sought after (gracing the cover of Vogue a record 12 times), and says her looks and figure are a culmination of hard work, being a vegetarian and giving up the booze:


marie helvin bikini modelling

Catwalk: Art of Model Style by Marie Helvin

‘Not having alcohol has kept the weight off around my waist, my skin feels so much better and I am sleeping really well. I found that my sleep was really interrupted before when I was drinking.’


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Depending on which publication you read, 60 is the new 40 (or 30), and more women these days are taking charge of their lives and looking after themselves well beyond their retirement age. Genes play a role but diet and exercise certainly play a crucial part in these women looking young, fit and sexy. When you look good, you have more confidence; and with more confidence, you are able to be more adventurous and do the things you love (whatever that may be) more.

Cosmetic surgery is also increasingly a major part of looking younger. Having some minor cosmetic procedure done is all too common now; the trick is knowing when to stop or knowing what not to do. There is nothing more depressing than seeing women who have had so much done that they look like some freak show.

So what is the secret to living long and looking young? Here, centenarians explain the 10 key items to keeping them healthy and young : Centenarians explain their longevity.

Finally, here is a short video show casing fab looking women over 60 :