BM Beauty Foundations & Makeup



BM Beauty Foundations & Makeup offer a vitalizing, youthful, and blemish free look. They are packed with Pure minerals, achieving a beautiful look without contaminating your pores with chemicals.

Why Did We Choose BM Beauty Products?

BM Beauty Kimberly WyattBM Beauty Foundations are 100% bare mineral. The foundations cover those annoying blemishes that appear the night before! AND most importantly don’t you leave you with 20 more once you have taken the foundation off.

It is soothing on the skin, making you feel and look as glamorous as ever! It contains anti inflammatory products, this is ideal for spot prone skin. These BM beauty foundations are for all skin types: dry, oily, old or young. Everybody can enjoy the beauty of having perfect skin.

NOT Tested on Animals

BM beauty products are NOT tested on animals, which we are very pleased about. There is no need for cruelty in this world when science and technology is of such a high standard.

Animals are not toys, they are living creatures that deserve to be treated the same as any human being. When you are buying a beauty product from a company  like BM Beauty that does not test of animals, you can feel satisfied that what you are putting on your skin has not killed innocent animals.

There is one mineral in particular that is good for the skin in BM beauty Foundations;

Zinc Oxide: Is a physical sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. It provides thickening and water resistance. Is known to be “calming” to the skin and will reduce irritation and promote healing. (It is in Desitin ointment for diaper rash and calamine lotion.) This is a natural product that helps spot prone skin recover from breakouts.



We all want to cover up the imperfections we have on our skin, but we all want to do it ethically. BM Beauty products will make you look great on the outside and feel good on the inside and soon, you will be able to buy their products on the high street too.


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