Black Beauty Mistake – “Not Wearing Makeup” Says Sam Fine


Sam Fine on Queen Latifa

Who does Mary J Blige, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Queen Latifah call when they need makeup tips, advise and help?

Sam Fine is well known as the go to makeup artist for black women.

Fashion Fair, the largest black owned cosmetics company signed Sam Fine on in August 2011 as its Creative Director, and Sam Fine was the first African-American spokesperson for Revlon in 1992 and with Cover Girl in 1995.



““Sam Fine is a true artist who understands women of color and has built an illustrious career unparalleled in the industry. His experience in the fashion editorial world with global beauty brands and celebrities will translate wonderfully with Fashion Fair, and our consumers will reap its benefits. We’re thrilled to have him with us, and you’ll be able to track his progress at,” says Clarisa Wilson, the president of Fashion Fair”



Now in an exclusive interview with Fashion Bomb Daily, he says the biggest black beauty mistake today is “really not wearing makeup”.


““I think the biggest beauty mistake is not understanding how to enhance your beauty,” Sam added. “And I think a lot of [women of color] are scared that makeup is going to make [them] look fake, ‘It’s not gonna look like me, they’re not going to have my color.’

I think that they just tend to step away from the category when a brand like Fashion Fair, is releasing a liquid foundation in July to add to the range of colors.

Nineteen shades! There will be 17 shades in liquid! And if you look at that, that’s not a range that’s broken up for general market vs. African Americans. So you really are getting a wealth of coverage options and colors.

I think the biggest mistake is not participating in the game at all.””


Sam FineCommon Makeup Mistakes for Black Women

With a lot of main stream cosmetic companies catering to Caucasian women only, or just haphazardly adding a few dark colors to their range as an after thought; it can be difficult for a black women to find that perfect foundation color or a lipstick color that will look good.

So many black women give up and go without wearing any makeup – after all, who wants to walk down the streets looking all wrong or with makeup mistakes that age you?

Sam Fine does not think black women need to wear a lot of makeup, just the right type and amount to enhance their natural beauty. Just five basic things will set you on the path to looking great:


““Pressed powder, mascara, and lip gloss, because I think those things aren’t intimidating,” he said. “Once you get past the shade of powder, I think that becomes easy to apply. But if I had to go two steps further, I always start out with some kind of a coverage product.

A concealer, or a foundation that you can use as a concealer. Underneath the eyes is the thinnest area of skin, so you really want to make sure that any redness or discoloration can be covered.

Also powder. Powder’s going to set the foundation or the concealer so it can stay on longer. I always say powder is to foundation what topcoat is to nail polish. It really holds it in place and keeps it from rubbing off and settling in fine lines.””


Sam Fine & Vanessa Williams


So what about the latest nude lips trend?

“…Nude colors can be challenging. It’s almost like finding the perfect nude panty hose or the perfect nude bra. It is always going to be a challenge for us because we’re a color already.

There’s so many shades. I always start with lining the lip. You should always have a brown liner, so then nude can take on a different color. It might be a pinky nude that reflects the very inside of the mouth or it can be a more beige, nutty, foundation color.

With nude lipstick I have to layer gloss because it needs dimension to separate it from your skin. Lip liner, lipstick and gloss combine to make the nudes that you see on Beyonce and Paula Patton and on Queen Latifah.”


Iman - no black beauty mistakesAnd Iman’s drop dead gorgeous smokey eyes?

“Before you get to a smokey eye I would suggest wearing foundation and powder…. I never just do one color. I allow one color to be a strong base and then the edges of it is what I use for a shimmer.

The matte shadow is helping to shape the eye and for me to deal with placement first. I always think a smokey eye is best a bit unfinished. It should always appear a little less un-perfect.

The highlighting that surrounds it makes it stand out. Are you lining the eye? Are you wearing a lash? Are you shaping it out towards the temples? That’s what makes it magic. And that Iman sits for two hours to get it.”

So why do black women shy away from makeup?

“We’ve been passed down a lot of misinformation… Get used to the compliments and get used to seeing your full lips. It’s like putting on jeans and not hiding your round hips or just embracing what we shy away from.

Makeup doesn’t do anything but enhance and bring you more attention. Often times they are scared of that attention because it’s hard being looked at. I had to tell a friend of mine, they are looking at you. You’re beautiful.”



No more black beauty mistake or excuse not to wear makeup:

Sam Fine is launching the Truly Treasured makeup line from Fashion Fair and has a best selling how to guide out : Fine Beauty : Beauty Basics and Beyond for African American Women and an instructional DVD : Fine: The Basics of Beauty


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