Beware of Fake Makeup Sold Online

Are You Buying Fake Makeup?

When you see cosmetics selling for a fraction of its original retail price online, beware. Chances are, they are fake makeup, just like the cheap imitation Prada and Gucci handbags you see everywhere.

Now we are not saying you cannot find a bargain, but you do need to exercise some caution otherwise you will end up with something that is not what it says it is.

Many of these imitation products are shipped in from China to be re-sold on eBay and Amazon.

Urban Decay has had their ‘naked palette’ copied and sold for half the original US$50 retail price online. Mac makeup on eBay is also going for a song. For the unsuspecting public that is a great bargain, until you find out it is counterfeit cosmetics and not the real thing.

Fake Makeup Heaven – eBay


“”I suspect that many customers don’t realize they’ve purchased a counterfeit at all, or only [do] when they get it home and see it up close in person,” Karen Monterichard of Makeup And Beauty Blog wrote in an email. “Maybe they hop on eBay thinking they’re getting the real deal at a deep discount. Sometimes the prices are so low that they’re hard to resist.””

Fake Makeup - Urban Decay Naked


“A search on eBay for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette brings up some legit-seeming products with legit-seeming photos, but the average shopper might not be able to spot the fakes from the real stuff. Urban Decay employs Regulatory Coordinators like Lauren Jacobson, who are trained in spotting fakes. “All of our palettes have the shade name perfectly centered within the rectangle pan – fakes usually are unable to replicate this,” Jacobson explains. “I also look at the picture of an opened Naked 1 Palette to see if the lettering lines up with the creases. Our palettes have the horizontal line of the ‘A’ in Naked perfectly lined up with the folding crease in the component.” She added that Urban Decay fakes often use a cardboard box, while genuine products come in a transparent plastic packaging.”


Here are some tips to help you spot fake MAC cosmetics, another brand that seems to attract a lot of counterfeiters:


fake makeup - mac eyeshadow


“These tips will apply to pretty much any makeup brand and not just counterfeit MAC makeup. Here are a few things you can watch out for:

  • – If it’s being sold in some back alley or flea market stall, run

  • – Check out the packaging of authentic products and compare packaging- If the price is too good to be true, forget it

  • – If the product name is just a number or some vague label, don’t fall for it

  • – MAC does not sell eyeshadow palettes (with 88 colors or so) or brush sets (except a few holiday sets)

  • – MAC does not accept resellers or sell wholesale, so don’t believe anyone who says that is the reason why they had it so cheap

  • – Check if the product you want to buy is even listed as a product from the brand you want to buy from

  • – Be vigilant, ask the seller questions. If they tell you it is a factory overrun, class A or replica, then decide whether or not you want to buy a counterfeit item

  • – Be a smart consumer icon smile On Fake MAC Cosmetics and Counterfeit Makeup in General”


You can read more indepth ‘spotting’ of  fake makeup items here.

However, some consumers actively search for fake makeup because it is cheaper but still carries the ‘name brand’. That’s fine, as long as you know what you are doing and you are willing to take the risk.

There is nothing wrong with counterfeit cosmetics, just beware of the ingredients that they use and whether it will affect your skin or your health in any adverse way.

But if you think you are getting quality genuine name brand products for a song, then you need to beware that it may be fake makeup. You know what they say, if it is too good to be true, it probably is.



Source : BuzzFeed, Chriselle Sy

MAC Fake Makeup Image Source here and here

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