Ask Amy Poehler About Makeup & Beauty

It seems Amy Poehler may have found another feather to add to her hat – that of beauty advisor.

“Poehler dispenses her wisdom on “Ask Amy,” a new series of videos from “Smart Girls At The Party.” “Smart Girls at the Party,” co-helmed by Poehler herself, focuses on girls “who are changing the world by being themselves” with plenty of funny, perceptive video clips.”

In a particularly touching video, she dispenses advise to a 14 year old girl who asks “My dad won’t let me wear makeup because he says 14 is too young. How am I supposed to feel as pretty as my friends who are allowed to wear makeup?”

Watch her response here:


Tell us what you think – is Amy giving out good advice? Would you want her for your big sister?

Source : Huffington Post