Anorexic Stars Sends Out Destructive Health Messages


Anorexic Stars – When Is Thin Too Thin?

Following our post on Vogue’s decision to use models with  ‘healthy’ bodies, we have wanted to tackle the subject of anorexic stars for some time now.

Mainly celebrities or personalities in the public eye with obvious eating dis-orders that are influencing young women and girls in a negative and destructive way all over the world.

It is one thing to want to look slim and svelte in photos, but another when you are so emancipated you look as if you could barely stand.

anorexic stars - Alexa Chung looking stick thin

Alexa Chung

Take Alexa Chung, this UK model, TV presenter and  sometimes ‘It’ girls created a heated debate over Tweeter and Instagram when she posed a picture of her with her mum.

One commenter wrote: ‘I’m going to be very honest. I look at this picture and think “This is a woman not eating.” Thus, I worry for women everywhere.’

Another remarked: ‘THIS degree of skinny is frankly alarming, sadly.

‘It is equally alarming that people ENVY this degree… as it is NOT a healthy degree of underweight. Certainly, they shouldn’t want to be like this,’ exclaimed the follower, in response to several fans’ bouts of jealousy over the star’s skinny legs.”

Accused by being the pin up for anorexic sites and thinspo, Alexa defended her size saying

“‘Ok everyone thanks for the teen angst discussions….People are different sizes. I’m not trying to be thinspo for anyone,'”

She has since taken the pictures off Twitter and Instagram.

 anorexia - skinny angelina-jolieAngelina Jolie

Next up we have the super A lister and envy of a lot of women : Angelina Jolie.

Wait, what happened?

This year has seen her get skinnier and skinnier by the minute, losing all those curves that made her one of the sexiest and most desirable woman around the world.

It seems that fiance Brad Pitt may be the reason behind it. Rumors has it that he likes his women super skinny – to the point of anorexia. Ugh!

According to this article:

“Case in point: the 5’7″ Angelina Jolie weighed 115 pounds when she and Brad met on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith. Now, she’s down to less than 100 lbs.”

It goes on noting the weight drop in Brad Pitt’s ex-wife and ex-girlfriends when they were with him:

“The 5′ 5 1/2” Aniston now weighs 120. During her marriage to Pitt, she dieted down to 109 pounds. And Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly “always felt she was too heavy for him.” So in 1996, she starved down to 101 pounds. She’s 5’9″. Similarly, the 5’6″ Natural Born Killers star Juliette Lewis now weighs 120. During her 4 years with Brad Pitt, she was “all skin and bones” at 105. Yikes.”

If there ever was a bad message to send out, that you have to starve or be a certain way to please another person, this is it. Let us just hope Angelina comes to her senses and eats a chocolate cake (or two).


Victoria Beckhamanorexic looking - victoria_beckham_thin

Victoria Beckham may be the mother of four, but she looks as if she could really do with sorting out her relationship with food.

This is basically her diet : smoke loads and eat next to nothing. Or maybe just a few peas if you are on the single ingredient diet, according to her interview with Heat Magazine.

In a bizarre statement in March 2012, she claimed that she was “no model… I am just like the general public”. Given the general public in the UK is a size 16 and she is a size 6, it is an understatement to say she is looking at herself through very distorted lenses.

She is so convinced that she is ‘average’ that she even uses her own body as the norm when she designs her collection.

“In a Harpers interview, she said: “We always joke that we have this fabulously gorgeous 17-year-old model who is six-foot-whatever and I say, ‘OK, I’m going to put it on — I stand for the general public here.’”

To keep hunger at bay, she will snack on endamame beans and frozen grapes and her favorite drink is pink champagne. She also claims to love seafood although we just cannot see her eating a lot of it.


The list could go on for anorexic stars with Ali Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Tara Reid, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Richie….

We applaud these women for being famous and influential but we also urge them to take responsibility for the messages their bodies are giving out. Would you Angelina or Victoria, want your daughters to look like this?

Below is an excerpt from a US government website about anorexia

What is Anorexia Nervosa?

“A person with anorexia nervosa (an-uh-RECK-see-uh nur-VOH-suh), often called anorexia, has an intense fear of gaining weight. Someone with anorexia thinks about food a lot and limits the food she or he eats, even though she or he is too thin. Anorexia is more than just a problem with food. It’s a way of using food or starving oneself to feel more in control of life and to ease tension, anger, and anxiety. Most people with anorexia are female. An anorexic:

  • Has a low body weight for her or his height
  • Resists keeping a normal body weight
  • Has an intense fear of gaining weight
  • Thinks she or he is fat even when very thin
  • Misses 3 menstrual periods in a row (for girls/women who have started having their periods)”


Remember, these anorexic celebrities are NOT the norm, nor are their bodies the ideal weight. If you feel you need help with your body weight, or your relationship with food, visit a professional for help as soon as you can.





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