Anastasiya Shpagina – Real Life Anime Girl

Anime Anastasia with Barbie Valeria

Anime Anastasia with Barbie Valeria


The Ukranian town of Odessa is fast becoming the hotbed for young women looking like a plastic doll or some Japanese cartoon character.


sailor-moon-anime character
sailor-moon-anime character


The latest after our barbie girl Valeria is nineteen year old Anastasiya “Fukkacumi” Shpagina. Her flower fairy makeup tutorial on how to look like an anime girl has already gone viral around the globe. The hair stylist spends hours each day getting ready so that she can look like a “Sailor Moon” anime character.



On her web page (which is like a European facebook), she posts beautiful groups of pictures featuring lots of flowers, woodland creatures, kittens, green woodlands, butterflies and puppies. All things that are girlie, feminine and mystical. There is also a group picture of geishas, probably homage to the Japanese art of anime.


Anime girl Anastasia(3)


“I’m not a like a doll, a doll is like me,” she says on her page.

Worryingly, Anastasiya is 158cm tall and only 90 pounds (40kg), looking particularly frail and thin which is what anime characters look like, (The Japanese word ‘anime’ came from ‘animation’). Large eyes, small mouth, super thin and elongated bodies have been the norm for the past decades.

There has also been some reports on her wanting surgery to enlarge her eyes and nip in her waist further.


Anime girl Anastasia(2)


Anime girl Anastasia


“There is a subculture dedicated to people dressing up as fictional characters known as “cosplay” or costume play. The internet has allowed the community to connect and grow and for the most dedicated cosplayers to build up large fan bases. Some take the role playing further and become full-on “human dolls“.”



Human doll


According to Wikipedia

“Many anime and manga characters feature large eyes. Osamu Tezuka, who is believed to have been the first to use this technique, was inspired by the exaggerated features of American cartoon characters such as Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse, and Disney’s Bambi.”


Anime girl butterfly


Love to hear your comments about this seemingly up and rising trend to look like a human doll. What do you think? healthy, harmless bit of creative fun or just down right distorted and scary?


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