Add Sparkle (Literally) To Your Festive Makeup

Pat McGrath Crystal Look(4) SS 2013


Something New For Your Festive Makeup

Everything sparkles and glitters this time of year, from the twinkling fairy lights on the big Christmas tree to the magical glitter on fresh new snow in the morning sun. Nothing seems dull.

Your wardrobe and festive makeup should also reflect this bright and jovial time but we do not mean lashing all sorts of colors on to make a point (or state the obvious).

It seems that makeup artist extraordinaire Pat McGrath may have the solution to your being the avant garde trend setting fashion star this season.

Swarovski cystals.

“You always hear about folks getting into ‘trouble’ at holiday parties,” said McGrath. “And you can do this by playing with Swarvoski crystals and daring eyeliner colors like at Dior’s spring show.”

First use an eye liner and draw a nice line close to your lashes; add a bold color to your eye lids (and we mean bold as in bright purple, turquoise blue and lime green), then add either contrasting or matching Swarovski crystals in a pattern or design you desire on your lids, securing them on with eye lash glue.


Add Sparkle to Your Festive Makeup

add sparkle to your festive makeup - Pat McGrath Crystal Look SS 2013



Pat McGrath Crystal Look(2) SS 2013



Pat McGrath Crystal Look(3) SS 2013 sparkle festive makeup



Pat McGrath Crystal Look(4) SS 2013



sparkle festive makeup - Pat McGrath Crystal Look(5) SS 2013


You could be in the plainest LBD and you will still be noticed. With this look, your eyes will always catch the light and twinkle. There you go, your festive makeup this season a la Dior!


Source : Huffington Post, Vogue UK


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