Some great ideas and spins on the traditional French manicure. It does not have to be all white tips and pale pink. You could really do something to stand out. Here are some great French manicure ideas….


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Traditionally marked by a clear nail bed and stark white tips, the French manicure has experienced a beauty renaissance as of late. Modern takes on the look employ bright colors, nail art, shimmer and more. As with many trends, this one is all over Instagram. We did some mild e-stalking to find some of the beast French manicure ideas. Let the copycatting commence. @aliciatnails NYC-based manicurist Alicia Torello put a playful spin on this French mani with colorful lash details and a sole purple tip on each hand.   @ciaomanhattan2012 Mei Kawajiri may be known for her eye-popping editorial nail …

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