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Women around the world are increasingly looking for magical and unusual beauty ingredient that will help them turn back the clock and have youthful radiant skin.

And cosmetic companies are scouring the earth for ever more unusual beauty product ingredients.

Some like gold are obviously there to elevate the appeal (and the price) of the product even though there are claims that it can help the skin absorb other ingredients better and has calming effects on the skin. But really, the amount needed is much more than a few sprinklings and the beneficial effects on the skin is still debatable.

Here are a few unusual beauty ingredients that are going to be in your beauty products soon:


1) Ginseng Berries

unusual beauty ingredients - ginseng berries

We know that the ginseng root has been around for thousands of years as a tonic to good health : better immune system, improved sex life, more energy but no one has talked much about the ginseng berries, until now.

Ginseng berries can only be found in ginseng plants of four years or more. The berries are few when mature and need to be harvested carefully to ensure continuation of the plant.

Ginseng berries have high concentrated antioxidant properties (four times more than vitamin C) that help the skin combat external environmental factors. When taken internally, it will help the body combat premature aging.

Korean cosmetic brand Sulwhasoo have added this vital ingredient to some of their skin care products and more of this magical berries will soon be found in more beauty products.


champagne for skin

2) Champagne

We have had caviar added to our skin care products, so it is only a matter of time before we get champagne. Grape skin extract is well known for its antioxidant and skin nourishing benefits and we have seen a range of red grape extract products but not champagne.

Champagne contains tartaric acid, a skin lightening agent that will help eliminate discolorations and brighten skin. It can even help with minor skin blemishes which means your skin will look bright and clear in no time.

We are sure it’s only a matter of time before a range will come out with this luxury ingredient. Keep your eye on this spot!


3) Bird Droppings

unusual beauty ingredients - bird+poop+droppings

In Japan, geisha girls are performers well versed in the art of dance, song and poetry. Considered high class entertainers (and no, most of them were not prostitutes), they will spend years of their lives to perfect their entertaining skills.

How they dressed and looked were also of great importance and the flawless skin of the geisha was hard to rival.

Their secret? “Uguisu no fun” or powered bird droppings which has a high level of uric acid that ensures perfect looking skin.

Salons in New York started offering Nightingale Dropping facials which apparently Tom Cruise and David Beckham are great fans of.

So you see? When a bird poops on you, it is good luck (for your skin).


Food Swiftlet nest

4) Swiftlet Nest

Long considered a delicacy in Asia, the Swiftlet’s nest soup is well known for restoring elasticity, moisture and softness to skin.

Women (and men) of all ages would drink this soup as a beauty routine, especially after long travels, illness or just as a ‘pick me up’.

In fact, the nest itself is made up of the Swiftlet’s saliva, used to ‘glue’ the nest together and has minimal plant material if at all.

The saliva itself is the prized beauty ingredient for softer, firmer and more hydrated skin and it is finding its way into many skin care products.


5) Semen

unusual beauty ingredients - semenSemen contains a very powerful antioxidant call spermine. It is so powerful that it has 30 times the power of normal vitamin E and can heal a multitude of skin ailments from smoothing aging wrinkle lines to calming a sun burn.

Not only that, it will give your hair extra shine too.

Companies in Scandinavia is taking this finding seriously and have developed a skincare range containing spermine.

You could even have the actual stuff (from donors) delivered to your door for a more natural application.



So there you have it. I am sure there are plenty more weird and wonderful beauty ideas out there all waiting to give us more youthful and radiant skin – drop us a line if you have some unusual beauty ingredients you want to share!


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