With so many celebs looking like they have never aged a day since twenty years ago, we look a few who are hitting the big 5-0 this year with amazement.

How do they do it? Is 50 the new 40? And how on earth can we look like that too at fifty?


It’s hard to believe that a slew of your favourite stars will be hitting the big 5-0 this year. Celebrities like Salma Hayek, Adam Sandler, Janet Jackson, and David Schwimmer will all be hitting the half-century mark within the coming months, while others such as Patrick Dempsey and Rainn Wilson already celebrated the special day. Based on their youthful looks, you’d never guess that the gorgeous Halle Berry and Cindy Crawford are also in the mix. Read on to see all the stars who have already turned or will soon be 50 this year, and then check out which celebrities are turning 40.

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