10 Cringy Quotes From That Kimye Vogue Cover


I don’t know what it is but the more I read about Kim+Kanyehe more I think they are from another planet.

First of all, Kanye is so wrapped up in him being an ‘artist’ and obviously so superior to everyone else, that he has out himself on a par with God.

Kim’s only claim to fame is being a reality star and her increasingly well enhanced posterior. I have yet to hear anything remotely intelligent coming out of her mouth but I have to hand it to her for making herself ‘famous’ for nothing.

So she has finally got the Vogue cover she wanted. Sorry Anna Wintour, but you sold out. Vogue is suppose to be upper class and elegant, and this Kimye combination is anything but that.

If you are not thinking of getting this Vogue in case your friends think there has been a total relapse in your taste; but you are still curious about the interview, here are some gems courtesy of ABC News.



Kim on Why She Didn’t Buy Elizabeth Taylor’s House

“It was so enchanting, with a garden and really pretty trellises and beautiful roses but it wasn’t realistic for me to purchase,” she said. “It only had a one-car garage.”


Kim on Kanye’s House

“We use the whole bottom floor for storage,” she said. Added Kanye: “We have a walk-in house!”


Kanye on Kim

“I’m really into fantasy, as you know. I’m obsessed with Walt Disney and Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki. Kim is like a fantasy, period,” he said. “She’s like a dream girl. And I think a dream girl should live in a dream world.”


Kim on the Paparazzi

“When you’re young and you’re riding around L.A. with your friends, it’s fun and exciting,” she said, “but now I’m in my thirties and don’t really care to go out and be seen or impress anybody.”


Kim on Kanye’s Proposal

“Literally, he is the most romantic person I’ve ever heard of,” she said of his romantic proposal on her 33rd birthday. “The lights go on and they start playing my favorite Lana Del Rey song, ‘Young and Beautiful’ from ‘The Great Gatsby.’ It just reminds me of us.”


Kim and Kanye on Their Wedding

It’s going to take place in Paris. “People are probably assuming we’re going to have this massive wedding and I think that it will be, but intimate. Two-hundred people, just all of our closest friends,” Kim said. Added Kanye: “We could get the Hall of Mirrors or something. We could turn up.”


Kim on Going Glam

“I tried to do flats when I was pregnant,” Kim said. “Couldn’t do it.” Then, when discussing beauty, she added, “I feel odd when I don’t wear makeup. I don’t recognize myself.”


Kanye on How Kim Inspires Him

“What I love about being motivated by Kim is I don’t rest on the laurels of creativity or just the product that I put out,” he said. “I also think it’s important to work out. I don’t care how good of a thinker you are, you can’t ask someone else to work out for you.”


Kanye on Marrying Kim

“Once you get a wifey, your wifey basically runs your life. Everything you do is based on wifey,” he said. “It’s really interesting that we’re on the front lines of a few different concepts at the same time. You’ve got the interracial thing. You have mega-media and mega-art crash. You have, you know, the Vogue and reality show combination. There’s a lot of new frontiers being broken in 2014.”


Kanye on His Life With Kim

“She created something really powerful that the universe connected with and I created something that people connected with and then when we combine our information… we can help communicate and educate and just bring more dopeness in general,” he said. “It’s really just about dopeness at the end of the day.”



Credits: 10 Best Quotes From Kardashian-West Vogue Cover