Huge huge eyes, a tiny nose and a small rose bud mouth is all it needs. So how do you go about transforming yourself?

Fear not my medium length hair lovelies, we have 15 great updos here so you can look every bit as chic and sassy as all the other long hair lassies.

Despite many discussions and debates about what constitutes a healthy body, the fashion industry is reluctant in most part to forego the super thin models.

Sometimes it's the basic, mundane steps that we skip over (because it is boring and we always forget) that can make the biggest difference to our makeup routine.

With the weather getting warmer, have you been looking at your feet recently thinking "Mmm... time I did something about those feet?"

Who doesn't love J Law? Down to earth, insightful and not letting the Hollywood scene get (too much) to her, she is a shining light in the oft over egotistical LA movie scene.

Getting rid of dead flaky skin on your face is a must to radiant fresh looking skin, but what do you do if you are sensitive to a lot of the exfoliants on the market?

How do they do it? Is 50 the new 40? And how on earth can we look like that too at fifty?

Just when you think you will never get out of your woolly leggings and big baggy jumper, spring has suddenly arrived and the mad scramble to update your spring wardrobe has begun.

Of all the royals, it seems Prince Harry is one of the hardest working. He has this certain charm that works wonders with everyone.